Why GrowingTwice?

Grow digital marketing, grow the company.

GrowingTwice is a consultancy born out of real, in-the-trenches experiences growing small businesses from bootstrap to high valuation acquisition, deploying digital marketing, and the reward of seeing others do the same.

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Michael Stebbins Founder

A Note from Michael Stebbins, GrowingTwice Founder, Director, OMCP

Why Consult?  I engage with a select few businesses and entrepreneurs because I love to share and see others succeed.   This is where the fun is:

Growing companies: I have taken multiple companies from bootstrap to high-multiple acquisitions spanning e-commerce, digital marketing tools, and digital marketing curriculum for agencies and universities.

Disruption and vision: As CEO and co-founder of Market Motive (acquired by Simplilearn), my team and I changed the way the world learns digital marketing.  At ClickTracks (Acquired by Lyris) we disrupted the digital analytics market, showing the world a new way to look at analytics.

Martech and innovation: In marketing technology, I was awarded the first patent for marketing automation lead scoring US 7698420 in 2010.  I continue to code for marketing automation and dabble in machine learning.  I won’t code for you, but the experience does enable a clearer vision of what is possible in data management, connectivity, and marketing automation. 

Digital marketing:  For over 18 years, I have practiced and presented effective digital marketing across multiple channels. As current director of industry standards body OMCP, I serve the industry in  establishing best practices in digital marketing covering marketing automation, digital advertising, SEO, social media, content marketing, analytics, and conversion.  Today, OMCP standards are taught by over 700 colleges, universities, and training institutions worldwide.

How to Work with GrowingTwice

Services or Advisory. Or Both.


Picture GrowingTwice as your general contractor. I (Michael) will make sure the work gets done properly, with the right resources, and matched to your budget, in-house resources, and time frames.

It’s hard to know who’s really good in the industry, who’s available, or who might be overkill for your project.

I know.  As one of the top authorities on digital marketing best practices, I’ve recruited and have been working with the world’s leading marketing experts for over 15 years.  If I can’t help, I’ll connect you with the right people who can.

You could piece together the work you need yourself, or you can let me handle it for you.


Be sure you’re not missing digital marketing opportunities, that you’re headed the right direction, and that you are building necessary talent within your organization.

Engagement Model:

Work with GrowingTwice per project, on a monthly retainer, or on an hourly basis. There are no long term contracts and monthly retainers have a money-back guarantee.

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