Have Michael Speak at Your Event

Have Michael Speak at Your Event
Michael has spoken, presented keynotes, or taught sessions at over 60 events spanning business growth, digital marketing, and talent development.

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    About Michael

    Growing companies: Michael has taken multiple companies from bootstrap to high-multiple acquisitions spanning e-commerce, digital marketing tools, industry standards, and digital marketing curriculum for agencies and universities.

    Michael Stebbins Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Company Growth

    Disruption and vision: As CEO and co-founder of Market Motive (acquired by Simplilearn), Michael and his team changed the way the world learns digital marketing. As CEO and co-founder of OMCP (Acquired by NISM), Michael’s and his team established the first and largest digital marketing standards body serving exams to tens of thousands of learners and accreditation for hundreds of universities worldwide.

    Martech and innovation: In marketing technology, Michael was awarded the first patent for marketing automation lead scoring US 7698420 in 2010. He continues to code for marketing automation and dabble in machine learning.

    Digital marketing: For over 18 years, Michael has practiced and presented effective digital marketing across multiple channels. As the the CEO and co-founder of industry standards body OMCP, Michael served (and continues to serve) the industry in establishing best practices in digital marketing covering marketing automation, digital advertising, SEO, social media, content marketing, analytics, and conversion. Today, OMCP standards are taught by over 1000 colleges, universities, and training institutions worldwide. Michael is the author of Backward Entrepreneur to be released in Summer 2023. Michael is also the a co-author of Digital Marketing Fundamentals (Wiley 2023) which was the #1 new release on Amazon in March 2023 for universities and marketers looking for authoritative practices in digital marketing.

    Rates: (in USD)

    It is my passion to convey business growth concepts that improve lives for the better. Thus, I keep rates as low as possible. If you have an economically challenged group, please contact me for discounts.

    • Keynote 20-45 min: $3,200
    • Workshop 30-60 min: $2,800
    • Topical teaching 30-60 min: $2,800

    Speaking fees are prepaid, and refunded in full if the event does not occur.


    I’ve done this long enough to know it’s best to arrive well-rested and energetic for talks. I’m happy to work with you to find the most economical travel, will consider all recommendations, and will make my own bookings after receipt of travel stipend.

    • Flights under 6 hours: Economy
    • Flights over 6 hours: Business Class
    • Hotel, transport, and meals as agreed ahead of time.
    • Travel stipend is pre-paid and confirmed upon request with receipts