Talent Development

Your team, as digital marketing leaders, with up-to-date competencies and the most modern methods.

Top Talent for Your Team

With his former company, Market Motive, Michael changed the way the world learns digital marketing, enabling thousands of the word's top agencies and in-house teams to upskill to measurable standards in digital marketing. He'll help you establish competencies for your teams and decide on in-house programs, online training courses, conferences, or live trainers who will teach to your standards. We'll work together to ensure your teams are up to speed in the latest digital marketing skills.

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Talent Deveopment

Hiring or developing talent? Together, we'll develop a plan to build your team, as digital marketing leaders, with up-to-date competencies and the most modern methods.

Competency Standards

What gets measured gets done. Together, we'll help your talent and management teams map your business goals and objectives into required digital marketing competencies. Competencies map in to job requirements, training, and annual readiness testing.

Learning Plans

We’ll help you curate the ideal learning resources for your teams. In house, outside, courses, certifications, live or online. One size doesn’t fit all. We know the industry and will help you create a plan that is the most efficient path to leveled up digital marketing skills.

Readiness Testing

Why force training on those who are already experts? Readiness testing maps areas of digital marketing strength, and areas where training can help. Together, we'll rely on OMCP standards and customize readiness testing for the skills you want your teams to focus on.

Passionate About Digital Skills

Online courses are great and we know who's who in the industry and who can fit your plan. On site trainers? We can match you up. In house courses, LMS, and testing? It's our expertise. We can help you curate or build the ideal digital marketing paths for your teams.

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